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Royal Sands Estate, Mackay

Located in the premier Northern Beaches area 17km* from Mackay CBD, balance of Royal Sands Land Estate approved for a further 348 lots.

General feedback in relation to the market has been positive, particularly in relation to the low vacancy rates and recognition demand for housing generated from the mining and resources sector.

The majority of groups who have inspected the site have commented positively in relation to the estate access and availability of infrastructure to the balance land.

Feedback from the majority of prospective purchasers who have commented on revenues that would be required to generate an acceptable rate of sale pricing in the range of $160,000 to $180,000 per lot.

A number of the enquiry have commented in relation to a higher proportion of the recent sales in the Northern Beaches area having been made as house and land packages through investment marketing channels. As such there is a belief from several of these groups that there is limited opportunity for further price growth in order to maintain a price point to generate these investment sales.

Sale Analysis*
Method of Sale:Offers to Purchase
Marketing Time Frame:7 Weeks
Sale Date:October 2011
Total Offers:4
Total Realisation:$7,500,000
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